BMW 7 Series Cooling Leak Repair

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BMW 7 Series Cooling Leak Repair

The problem is the problem with this 2002 BMW and the problem is is developed a coolant leak is a very expensive coolant leak from a sealant side it’s going to cost between seven and nine thousand dollars and what we’ve done is we made a fix for that where we can save you a lot of money to do this job out the door at all German auto is sixteen hundred so here on the engine we have the intake manifold removed so we can show you what’s going on what’s happening is in order to get to the seal you first remove the water pump out of the car and then you remove the valley pale in the color which is a cover that sits in the center of the engine under here is where the real problem lies they have this long tube the transitions through the motor from the front cover to the back cover that transports coolant from the water pump and the seal sits molded on to this a transfer tube right here and under normal circumstances it can’t be removed without disassembling the entire engine you have to pull both valve covers both timing covers the front then the chain and sprockets and all the timing gears on the engine which is very time-consuming and then the front cover off to get access to this area where the seal sits and I have here at BMW factory tube and you can see how it has this rubber seal that is vulcanized on to the part so you cannot be removed and on a normal circumstances you would have all these parts off and you would slide this tube in from the front of the engine and into the housing like this and then reassemble everything around it so to remove is to you cut it while it’s in the engine and then we drill a hole in the tube they’ll be later on used to extract it then we take this rear section of the coolant pipe out of the car and we use this very special tool this is a block of wood and a stew driver and then insert it like this and we use the levers of the screwdriver to pry this tube out of the front chamber like that this is a tube that we even move from the front and inside the front housing with that little hook tool you remove the factory seal like this so you can install a new one so here you can see the essential of the whole matter this seal which is vulcanized on to the tube has failed you can see how the corrosion right here has transferred back and it’s starting to go underneath the seal and this could be from lack of coolant changes or just time you know this seal has been sitting inside the motor 400,000 miles and corrosion and heat takes place and it eventually fails over time and so here it is like it’s installed in the car the rear section the front section and the seal it’s normally vulcanized on like you see it right here on the factory part so here is a trick in order to save 60 some hours of labor and not having to completely disassemble the engine and pull everything apart and cylinder heads off and this and that we have designed and made with the company of a used called Monsieur enterprises this tube that is a collapsing tube that can expand and then thread into place to provide tension on the front seal on the back seal and take the place of this factory unit right here but is replaceable without having to take the entire engine apart so here we have a special seal that we have made we had a mold designed and manufactured so we could make just this one seal it’s made out of a different material it’s called by Tom it’s a lot more resilient to corrosion heat and doesn’t hard number with time so this seal we simply lubricate it like a little bit of grease Hunter like that and then we install it into the front housing where the old seal came out of like that and so when the seal is in we take this tube collapse it all the way install it into the front housing and the back housing expand the tube and then start threading it into a place until we have adequate pressure on this backhoe ring that’s going to retain and hold a compression on the whole tube so it can’t move when you use the car that is really all there is to it so this part takes this repair from a seven to nine thousand dollar repair and brings it down to around sixteen hundred plus you avoid all the downtown with the car with two to three weeks and the normal circumstances you know one day you’re back running and be given a warranty of twelve thousand and one year on this car like we do all other warranties and this is just one of many products that all German auto makes to save the customers money and keeping their German cars running you.

AGA Tools founder, Martin Christensen, demonstrates how to fix a coolant leak on a BMW 745. AGA has built a custom solution for repairing a ,000 coolant leak problem on all BMW N62 V8 motors for less than ,000.

US Patent # 9163761
US Patent # 8464424

NOTE: Unfortunately BMW parts and labor cost have gone up and the 00 price mentioned in the video is no longer valid.

The BMW N62 Coolant Pipe from AGA Tools:

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