BMW E90 | 3 Series Starter Replacement

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BMW E90 | 3 Series Starter Replacement

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BMW E90 | 3 Series Starter Replacement
Today I show you the replacement of the starter on my 2008 E92 335xi. This covers going over the hard to reach back bolt on the starter. This process is similar for other BMW’s in this generation

Okay so we’re working again on this 92 it’s a 2008 335 X I and we have a no start condition so we’re changing the starter if you run across this problem where you got this this Torx head bolt and it takes an e 12 Torx socket to get that off and/or a box end wrench and I stripped it kind of kind of slipped off the wrench one time it was over torqued when it’s put on and I could not get it out there’s not enough there’s not enough on there once you want you strip it off to grab and get any ton of torque to take it out so I had to hit the starter without air chisel and break off the little little ear the threaded ear off the body that holds it together and that’s how I was able to get the starter off and it’s fine because you know the we’re putting a new one on and it’s right here so so I can sacrifice this one and I ordered the new bolts with it I would recommend that you get the new bolt kit with it so that we fasten this back on we’ve got fresh new head to work with okay so we had to take the intake manifold the it’s the driver side of the engine it exposes the engine compartment here guys with the valves in the open but because I was chiseling that starter off I didn’t want any chips flying in there so we just took some towels and and covered them up so that no chips would fly and go inside the valves and if you look down here this is where the starter came from and where we’re going to put it back in so the one long bolt that I showed you comes from from the firewall side towards me towards the front of the vehicle and do it the other one is a smaller bolt that goes from the front of the vehicle and you thread it in toward the firewall you all right so because this your your threading this in from the firewall toward the front it’s really hard to reach so I bought this ratchet wrench just a 3/8 drive it’s got a it’s really nice because it’s got a couple of flexible points here that help you ratchet from the firewall toward you so I recommend picking one of these up I got Harbor Freight for 20 bucks and then again I think I just mentioned e12 earlier I’m sorry it’s an e 14 Torx socket.

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