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DIY Auto Repair Near Me

Gotcha Garage is the best Phoenix autocare reference for beginner drivers who help themselves. Check out our about page before you start searching for auto repair near me...

This video of a surprise monsoon storm was taken by me in Phoenix, August 2nd 2016, while driving home from work. It's a good thing I had good windshield wipers. Check out my DIY tip for how to replace windshield wipers, this tip is perfect for new drivers.

But don't stop learning there, keep going because you'll find a lot more DIY auto tips for new drivers on Gotcha Garage. Replacing wiper blades is easy. Learn about check engine lights, dead batteries, shaky front ends - and best of all for new drivers, check out the Ulitimate Used Car Mechanic Inspection Checklist before you buy a lemon!

Gotcha Garage is mobile friendly and available on the web 24/7 so bookmark the link and keep coming back for more tips on how to do simple auto repairs yourself...

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