Why is My Check Engine Light Flashing? Problem…

Check engine light flashing on your car’s dash is scary!

  • Is my car going to break down?
  • Why is my check engine light flashing?
  • Is there an auto shop that can check this?

These are good questions that we’ll try to answer before you search for mechanic near me

First, let’s discuss why a check engine light flashing could be a serious problem.

For a while now cars have had computers in them that communicate with electronic sensors and valves in every imaginable system your car has.

The main systems that will normally cause your car to break down are the engine, transmission, and power-train (including tires and wheels).

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It’s important to take your car into a garage when a check engine light turns on because your car may be telling you something is about to break, or it may have already broken.

For example, if your car was low on coolant and it’s a hot day, your check engine light may come on to tell you the engine is (or is about to) over heat.

BTW, an overheated engine could seriously break your car…

…but there are many more reasons you can get a check engine light.

Now, let’s discuss check engine lights that are for information…

Sometimes dash lights will come on to inform you a tire is low or it’s time for routine maintenance.

Also if you want, you can take your car to AutoZone and they’ll read the codes for you and give you a printout for free.

But be advised, AutoZone will not clear codes.

And if you’re planning to get a smog test, you’ll need to have the codes cleared or you will fail the test.

Even if you had the bad part replaced, you still need to clear the error code from your car computer.

I used to clear codes manually, but it was too confusing.

So I purchased the Autel AutoLink AL319 OBD II & CAN Scan Tool on Amazon.

It works perfectly on cars and trucks from 1996 and newer (OBD II & CAN) domestic and imports.

Reads and clears existing codes with a couple of clicks…


Do you want to learn more about dash lights? I recommend reading: Service Engine Soon Light Could Mean Poor Mileage, next.

Or if this all sound too complicated and your car is under warranty, take it to the dealer.

But if you’re not so lucky and your car’s warranty has expired then you may want a low-cost DIY alternative.

Watch this video on the TPMS dash light

Transcript - Understanding the TPMS Light - Solid or Flashing
This video segment I want to explain to the technician and to also the motoring consumer here the difference between a solid TPMS light on the dash or a blinking or flashing TPMS light on the dash they mean different things and so let’s take a look at this vehicle the TPMS light is on solid and there’s also a cheater message here that says left rear tires low add air to the tire so that’s pretty straightforward and when the TPMS lamp is on solid that’s what it means to us add air to the tire now if we take a look at it on this car here if we take close-up look in the lamp is flashing that’s going to let us know that there’s a fault somewhere in the TPMS system most likely a sensor fault or maybe a problem with one of the modules itself and so some more diagnostic work is required so again if the light is on solid lets us know there’s a tire with low air pressure if the light is flashing lets us know that there’s a system malfunction you need to do some diagnostic work hopefully now you understand the difference between a solid TPMS light on or a flashing TPMS light you.


DIY Tip:

Did you know your vehicle owners manual has information about all the check engine indicators on your dashboard…

Ignoring check engine lights could be costly!