Who Can I Trust To Fix My Car Right?

When it comes to choosing an Auto Repair Service, it’s almost like choosing a Doctor or Dentist…

YOU want to call someone who has a good reputation…

… and who will only charge you for what needs to be repaired.

Getting complete auto repair in Phoenix by a trusted mechanic is important in today’s economy, especially with people living on a tight budget.

OK, time to do a search on Yelp for car care near me and start reading reviews…

Let me clarify:

  • Complete means it’s done or finished on the first try (no guessing).
  • And there are no more fees to pay when you drive away.

Phoenix Auto Repair Shop

For example.

When you get an oil change, you don’t want half an oil change?

No, you want the complete oil change, which means:

  • drain the old oil
  • remove the old filter
  • …and then install a new oil filter and add fresh engine oil.

Somethings this can include multiple checks on many other things like belts, tires, battery, air filter, etc – to let you know there are other auto repair services you need…

… but a complete old change does not include doing anything but changing the oil and filter.

Not A TV Show

Real-world auto repair is not a Super Garage with bunches of drive-in bays and hot chicks running around…

…it’s normally a friendly neighborhood garage with 3 to 5 bays that have your families, friends, or neighbors cars in them; up on the lift.

Complete auto repair is hard to find these days because so many garages want to sell you everything including the air in the tires…

Watch Overhaulin’ Video


Complete Auto Repair

If you’re asking “Where can I get COMPLETE auto repair service in Phoenix?” That’s a good question…

Want to learn more about picking a good mechanic? I recommend reading Phoenix Auto Repair: Tune-Up, Brakes, A/C, Engine Repairs, too!

DIY Tip:

Use Facebook or Twitter to send a message to friends and family for recommendations on a good garage or mechanic who can be trusted. Oftentimes this is better than a Google search…

Don’t be stranded in the Arizona HEAT because you didn’t do your regular car maintenance!