Car Won’t Start Just Clicks (Dead Car Battery)

You have a dead car battery!

Auto mechanics hear these questions all the time:

  • Why do car batteries die so often in Arizona?
  • Is my car battery dead?
  • Why won’t my car start?
  • Who can replace my dead battery?

First, let’s talk about Arizona HEAT before looking for alternator repair shops near me

Arizona Summers are notorious for drying up battery water and exposing the lead cores.


Car batteries are made up of multiple cells that consist of lead submerged in an acid liquid which creates the charge.

Why does my battery keep dying?

When it’s HOT your car battery is not only feeling the heat from the sun…

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…but there’s also engine heat cooking the water out of your battery!

There used to be caps on batteries that could be removed so water could be added to car batteries, but nowadays most cars have NO maintenance or sealed batteries.

Unfortunately, when these batteries start drying up there’s no way to refill them…so they die!

Hmm. Imagine if you owned a Tesla in Phoenix?

Now Let’s Cover Keeping Your Car Battery Clean

Keeping your battery clean from dirt and acid build up (around the posts)  is the best way to extend your batteries life…

… and if you can add water, only add distilled water.

Warning only clean your battery if you are experienced and have proper safety equipment. BATTERIES can EXPLODE!

 6 Causes for a DEAD car battery:

  1. The car alternator is bad
  2. The car stereo is draining the battery
  3. Dome light stays on when doors are closed
  4. Electronic devices left plugged into an accessory plug
  5. Corroded battery cables and terminals
  6. The car was left sitting for months without running the engine

There’s not an indicator for low battery water but you might be interested in reading this DIY post about Why is My Check Engine Light Flashing.

How to clean battery terminals video


DIY Tip:

This dummies guide gives step by step instructions for jump starting (with jumper cables) a car with a dead battery.

Don’t get stranded at work because your car stereo is draining the charge from your battery!