DIY: BMW M62 Engine Oil Replacement

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DIY: BMW M62 Engine Oil Replacement

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DIY: BMW M62 Engine Oil Replacement
Video tutorial on how to change the oil on a BMW M62. This particular vehicle I am working with here today is a 1997 BMW 540i E39 equipped with the 4.4L V8. This same engine can be found on the BMW E31, E38, and E53 models. A similar procedure can also be applied to the older M60 V8 which was found on E31, E32, E34, and E38 models. BMW’s recommended oil change interval is up to 25,000km or 15,000 miles, but refer to your owner’s manual as this may vary between vehicles. Personally I change the oil every 10,000km or just over 6000 miles. The oil sample on the right is brand new oil and the oil sample on the left is after 10,000km or 6000 miles. Keep in mind I am using synthetic oil as well. Oil will darken over time, which is perfectly normal and doesn’t necessarily mean there is an issue. A new oil will be amber in color. Oil darkens due to heat, additives, soot, and contaminants.

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Tools/Supplies Needed:
-3/8” drive ratchet
-17mm 3/8” drive socket
-clean rag
-oil filter
-oil filter housing o-ring
-oil drain crush washer
-drain pan
-drive on ramps

-start by safety elevating the vehicle, I find it easiest to use drive on ramps
-it’s best to do this when the engine is hot and the oil flows the best
-have an oil pan and place it under the vehicle
-using a 17 mm socket and 3/8” drive ratchet, loosen the drain plug on the oil pan of the engine
-once that drain plug is loose, remove it by hand then
-allow the engine to drain, this will normally take a few minutes
-move onto the filter housing, you can use a big wrench, socket, or adjustable wrench on the housing if it’s overly tight
-the hex on the top is 36mm, I can usually loosen this by hand
-I’ve already modified my mounting points for the filter housing as they are known to break, so holding the housing when loosening the cap
-do not fully remove the cap, the threads should be either half exposed or almost removed
-this filter housing is intended to hold oil, so on every engine start up, the engine isn’t starving for oil until the oil is pumped through the system
-you should hear the oil draining in the oil pan and you’ll also see more oil draining into the drain pan
-once the filter cap can be loosened, there is a small spring loaded drain at the bottom of the reservoir
-inside the cap is clips which the filter snaps into, these can break over time unfortunately
-but if your spring drain is in good working condition, it should be able to pop up the filter
-if there is no oil inside the housing or it doesn’t drain, the drain may need to be repaired or cleaned
-don’t pull the filter out right away, as oil may dump out of the filter housing
-replace the o-ring on the filter housing cap with the newly supplied o-ring that comes with the new filter
-ensure the o-ring seat is clean and then install the new replacement o-ring, apply a little oil to the o-ring for lubrication so it seats properly
-remove the old oil filter and pair up the old and new filter to ensure they are the same, then install the new filter
-the new filter also comes with a new crush washer for the drain plug
-once the oil has fully drained, clean the drain surface and then reinstall the drain plug
-torque specifications for the drain is 18ft lbs or 25nm
-prime the housing with 2 to 3 inches of oil, then reinstall the filter
-tighten the cap. Torque specifications are 18ft lbs or 25nm
-remove the oil cap and fill the engine with oil
-the M62 V8 requires 7.5L or 7.9 US quarts of synthetic oil with a 5W 30 weight, the weight can be slightly changed spending on your climate or what season you are currently in
-for checking the oil, remove the dipstick which is located at the front of the engine, the oil level should be between the high and low lines, that is the ideal spot
-start the engine, check for a low oil pressure light, if the light is triggered, immediately turn off the vehicle and check for any issues
-inspect for any leaks, pull off ramps, allow the engine to run for a few minutes, then turn off, and check the oil level again

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